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renewable energy, maritime technologies

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  • Konrad Frontczak
  • Maciej Stamirski

Scalable, Modular and Mobile Ocean Wave Energy Converter (WAVE-ECO). The construction of the device is simple. It consists of many identical modules. It does not require any fixed connection with seabed or shore. It is resistant to storms and high tides. It uses reciprocal movements of floats and sums the energy of the movements from a number of waves. The basic advantage of the invention is a specific arrangement of the floats and the dynamic switching of connections between them. As a result, the range of the device is almost unlimited and its effectiveness remains optimal, regardless of the waves height. It is safe and retains the ability to generate energy even under extreme conditions. The main features of the device are scalability, modularity and mobility. Owing to the scalability of the invention, constructing arrays is uncomplicated. The device becomes a sequenced one in a simple and affordable way (just by joining subsequent identical modules). Due to modularity, the production can be made in series, which substantially lowers the costs. Modularity and mobility make the operation and maintenance relatively easy and inexpensive.