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materials engineering, sintering technologies, sintering devices, superhard materials (WCCo/cBN, WCCo/diamond), cutting materials (ceramics, cermets, cemented carbides, nano materials, materials R&D projects

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  • Damian Mątewski
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U-FAST from GeniCore – is a state-of-the-art sintering machine that represents the fastest pulses available on the market, modular technology which also allows operating at a high vacuum. The new device U-FAST from GeniCore has unique characteristics. Among other things, multi-point temperature measurements in the full range of temperature from 0 to 2500 ° C using a pyrometer and thermocouples, high efficiency and quiet hydraulic system, user friendly and intuitive control and operating system as well as visualization and recording of the process thanks to integrated camera HD.

GeniCore’s U-FAST is an innovative technology for consolidation a wide range of innovative materials including non-conductive materials. Heating-up of the powder is realized by the short electrical pulses. Original way of heating of the material, using very short current pulses lasting below of milliseconds, allows to develop and produce innovative materials with breakthrough properties.

Conducting the sintering process at the lower temperature and shorter time making the U-FAST technology ideal for the preparation of nanocrystalline materials and submicron without unfavorable grain growth during the sintering process.

GeniCore has designed a series of U-FAST units in a modular way, what allows to tailor the machine for individual needs, make an up- grade and extension for increasing users requirements. Access to the original spare parts with the offered online service of the device provides for industrial users continuous and efficient operation of the machine.

We create new standards in the quality of sintering processes. Up-to-day U-FAST technology allows exploration of new fields and materials. With applied solutions such as very efficient impulse power supply technology, automatic temperature stabilization and automatic heating rate stabilization U-FAST provides an excellent and reproducible quality of the sintered parts.

U-FAST is designed for economical use and represents the highest energy efficiency throughout its lifetime. This is possible thanks to the introduction of energy-saving solutions, cooling technology in a closed circuit and compacted-sized for a space saving all of this in respect to the natural resources and environmental responsibility.