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unmanned aircraft technologies, border protection

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dr Radosław Piesiewicz

SafeSky is a unique, multi-sensor solution to protect critical infrastructure and private property against threats associated with malevolent use of drones. On the detection side, SafeSky combines three main different sensors, i.e. radar, acoustic and vision – all developed from scratch and based on proprietary technologies to deliver effective operation at an affordable price. The usage of three sensors, and foremost the radar, allows reliable all-weather, night/day detection of drones in the perimeter of 1000 m. The main detection sensors are supported by passive RF spectrum sensors that detect and identify drones communication and control transmissions. On the neutralization side, SafeSky is equipped with dedicated jammers to cut drone’s navigation signals and its communication and control transmissions to the operator, and hence render it inoperational.

SafeSky has been extensively tested under different operational conditions with various end-users. It performs extraordinarily well, while its price is up to 10 times less than comparable in performance, but just few marketed, military grade solutions.

Combination of SafeSky sensors is unique, not to be found in any other competing solution globally, and allows reliable drones detection in any weather conditions, e.g. rain, fog, clouds as well as in the night- and daytime in the perimeter of 1000 m.

SafeSky sensors are integrated in one unit and their operation is controlled by dedicated, friendly to use, web-based software. System control, monitoring and visualization of the scenery are implemented. Notifications and alarms are issued if drones invade the protected area. Email, sms and system alerts are generated. Each event related to the detected drone receives its timestamp and is archived in a database of events for post-incident action.