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conventional energy, biomass boilers, dust burners for biomass and coal, mazut replacement etc.

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  • Phd. Eng. Jakub Szałatkiewicz

Miniature plasmatrons replace installations of heavy oil / gas, and allow, depending on the burners and conditions in the power plant, for the ignition of main or ancillary / start coal burners. This solution simplifies installations in power plants, eliminating the need to maintain installations of heavy fuel oil. The plasmatrons are powered by electricity, and the only media are compressed air and water-cooling. All these media are taken from an existing power plant. Plasmatrons’ powers for ignition of pulverized coal burners are in the range of 1-25 kW. A plasmatron has the diameter of 30 mm. The solution is tailored to specific requirements of the burner and the installation of the power plant..