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education, programming, games

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  • Marcin Joka
  • Michał Grześ
  • Krzysztof Dziemiańczuk
  • Michał Bogucki
  • Maciej Kopczyński

Photon is an intelligent and interactive robot that teaches children how to code. Through engaging storytelling, experiments and heavy use of gamification the robot is able to explain the basics of programming in a digestible and most importantly: fun way. It’s the first toy robot in history that develops along with child. Robot teaches kids:logical thinking, new technologies, programming basics, social skills, and help them improve their memory.

It was created to teach kids how to code, and designed to play with children aged 6 to 12 years old. It is not one of the toys that end up left aside after just a few days of fun. It was designed by specialists in the field of psychology, gamification and user experience. That’s how it knows it can provide entertainment and help in development that will last for years. Robot equipped with many sensors, that enable interaction with environment and offers different features – those are unlocked along with child’s development. They grow toghether: robot and his human friend!

The programming engine used by Photon is inspired by Scratch and made for children of ages 6 to 12. All commands and storytelling are being delivered by a paired application for smartphones and tablets as well as Photon’s own sensors, eye lights and speakers. A Quick Look Inside Robot:

1. Proximity sensor located at the base allows Photon to sense obstacles and the distance to them

2. Light sensor helps Photon to distinguish between light, dark and realize the time of the day

3. Microphone allows Photon to hear sounds and voices and react to them afterwards

4. Encoders can measure the distance traveled by the robot as well as the angle of turning

5. Surface contrast sensor helps Photon realize the color of the ground and aids him in moving according to lines drawn on the surface

6. Touch sensor makes Photon feel anything from a dangerous obstacle to a kind head pat

7. Speaker aids the robot in effective communication and shares his thoughts with children

8. LED backlit eyes and ears allow Photon to display a whole myriad of colors, which can be helpful in making him display a whole array of emotions.

Kids love video games and we wanted to build on this sentiment. Both photon and the paired app make a heavy use of gamification techniques to motivate and teach in the most efficient ways possible. Application gives out tasks and rewards players with experience points for completing them. Said points can be spent on unlocking new senses and functionalities of our little robot. The children decide what to spend these on, which leads to creating a unique Photon tailored to their own tastes. The app makes use of multiplayer gaming allowing players to compete with each other on official web based leaderboards. Children can also compete with themselves by trying to beat their own high scores. Apart from competition we also want to encourage

cooperation If one gets stuck at a certain task, it’s going to be possible to get tips and help from other Photon owners all over the world, making the learning process even more exciting and fun.