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Dr inż. Adam Piotrowski

VIGO System S.A. has developed a unique technology providing devices for fast and convenient IR sensing, at any wavelength from 1 to 16 µm, without cryocooling.

The IR detectors developed and manufactured at VIGO System are based on HgCdTe ternary alloy, ideal for a wide range of IR detectors due to the material’s fundamental properties – high optical absorption coefficient, high electron mobility and low thermal generation rate, together with the capability for bandgap engineering.

For many years the manufacturing of the IR detectors at VIGO System was based on a modified ISOthermal Vapour Phase Epitaxy (ISOVPE). At present, the fabrication of our IR devices relies on low temperature epitaxial technology, namely MetalOrganic Chemical Vapour Deposition (MOCVD), frequently in combination with the ISOVPE.

The continuous improvement in the performance of the devices fabricated by VIGO System, was possible due to progress in the development of the advanced 3D band gap engineered detector architecture, multiple cell heterojunction connected in series, monolithic integration of the detectors with microoptics, integration of sensors with Peltier coolers, encapsulation of the devices in various packages and many other improvements.

Present fabrication program includes, HgCdTe, photoconductive, photoelectromagnetic and photovoltaic detectors optimized for operation at any wavelength within a wide spectral range from 1 to 16 μm and operating within 200 – 300 K temperature range. Special solutions have been applied to improve the speed of response, permiting to construct devices close to picosecond time constant.

The broad line of preamplifiers specifically designed for the HgCdTe detectors, temperature controllers and power supplies, as well as a wide variety of heat sinks. provide an ideal complement for any type of detector – photoconductive, photoelectromagnetic or photovoltaic, offered by VIGO System.