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unmanned aircraft technologies

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  • RafaƂ Osypiuk

The integration of unmanned aircraft systems in airspace is one of the biggest challenges faced by modern aviation. Many working groups and organizations, e.g. EUROCAE WG-105, RTCA SC-228, EUROCONTROL, EASA, GANP ICAO, UAV DACH, etc. have been working on a solution to this problem. The standardization of DAA technology, which is supposed to ensure the required separation, i.e. safe distances between aircrafts, is an integral element of these studies. The physical layer of this equipment is based on the ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) technology, which is a pillar of modern aviation, according to the NextGen program (SESAR in Europe). The miniaturization of the ADS-B technology is the key to production of DAA systems, it requires achieving a balance in the area of capacity of modern electronics. It is the unique combination of multi-core processors with FPGA circuit that allows for the identification of aviation traffic in the direct vicinity of an unmanned platform. These are currently the fastest ADS-B implementations, which occupy the total surface area of just a few square centimeters.